I’m A Teenager Again!

I’ve decided to submit myself for the #musicaltube video contest. Sponsored by newmusicaltheatre.com and The Accompanist, each singer must choose 1 of the 10 songs listed (5 for girls and 5 for boys) and record a video! As a singer and a voice teacher, I utilize newmusicaltheatre.com all the time for brainstorming and researching new material. I have recommended that students check out this website several times this week alone. I find their website easy to navigate and so helpful with breaking down what you’re looking for based on voice type, genre, and style.

There is one thing that the songs listed for women all have in common: they’re all written for teens (or an early 20s actress who can still play a teenager) to sing! While I can no longer play 16, I love sharing these songs with my students and thought I would take a go at singing them myself. I had a blast recording these!

Check out newmusicaltheatre.com and see if you can find a song that is awesome for you right now. I bet you can!


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