Vocal Warm-ups for Kids

I’m a big believer in warming up the voice on a daily basis. There are several warm-ups I use in my studio that are both educational and fun for my younger students. While singing scales and arpeggios on open vowels can be extremely helpful to teen and adult singers, children can find these types of exercises boring. I certainly want my students to look forward to singing in our lesson and not feel a rush to speed through warmups to get to actual songs.

What I’ve found works best for kids are exercises with words. I have several warmups that utilize different animals, foods, and even musical terms (legato, staccato, and marcato). I also encourage movement with the words and funny sounds to correlate with the words. In short, anything that can make learning to sing fun and promote healthy vocal production in the studio and while practicing at home.

Here’s a video with a sampling of warm-ups that children can practice at home. Feel free to sing along with me and add a comment if you have your own wordy warmup!


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