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Hi! I’m Aimee Barnes and I’m a voice teacher, singer, and musical theatre aficionado. I am the president and owner of Aimee Bee Inc, a company that provides private voice instruction to students of all ages and levels. Currently based in Alexandria, VA, I spent almost 6 years living and working in New York City. Favorite roles include Woman #1 in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, Paula in The Goodbye Girl, and Woman #2 in Songs for A New World. In the local DC area, I played the role of Yellow Girl in Shout! The Mod Musical at Creative Cauldron, performed my own solo cabaret, Broadway Lights, Manhattan Nights, and participated in several workshops and recordings of new musicals. I currently sing with the 42nd Street Singers in trio and quartet gigs over the holiday season and beyond.

I am passionate about teaching voice and specialize in musical theatre technique. I encourage my students to continuously grow in their artistic pursuits. I challenge them to discover new repertoire, build healthy vocal technique, and always find the joy in singing!

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