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All The Time In The World

_dsc2057-editI mentioned in my last blog post that it is important to cultivate your interests outside of singing and musical theatre. I am an avid reader and enjoy nothing more than spending a short time before I go to bed each night reading a book. I’d love to have more time to sit outside on a beautiful day, enjoy an iced coffee, and read, but with two two-year-olds running around, I rarely have time for this treat.  This past month, I finally read the debut novel by Caroline Angell, All The Time In The World, that was released this past summer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this on a nightly basis and didn’t want to finish (I try to savor good books as much as I can).

I knew this author in college; we had several courses together and even interacted in the campus dorms. We were both musical theatre majors at American University and we both ended up in New York City after graduation (though our paths didn’t cross in the city). Caroline also directed several theatre productions including one musical each summer at The Theatre Lab in Washington, DC. Some of my private voice students were even in these productions! When I heard that she had published her first novel, I was excited for her and couldn’t wait to buy my own copy.

The main character in this novel just so happens to be a musician (a composer, to be more specific). She is an educated artist living in NYC and working as a babysitter as she figures out her path. The novel explores topics of grief, family, romance, and finding your way in this world. It was a resonating read and had me tearing up at moments. As a mom of two little boys, I certainly thought about what it would be like if I wasn’t there for them (more tears!). As an artist, I thought about when I first moved to NYC and babysat afternoons on the Upper East Side while going to auditions in the morning. I also thought about how my experiences in babysitting influenced my career path.

I’ve never truly embraced reading on an iPad or kindle; I’ve tried it a few times, but nothing compares to holding a book in my hands and turning the pages myself. When I saw All The Time In The World sitting on the shelf at my local Target, it was immediately in my cart. If you haven’t read this novel, find a good weekend to relax outside or snuggle in by the fire to read it. I, for one, can’t wait for Caroline’s next book release!



Summer Programs for the Broadway Bound Teen

The Sound of Music at PeachCraft Summer Musical Theatre Conservatory in Summit, NJ Director: Aimee Barnes

It’s time to start thinking about summer programs if your middle or high schooler is planning on furthering their musical theatre studies this summer. Even though it’s still February, summer is just around the corner and there are many local programs in the DC metro area that are fantastic!

1. Aimee Bee Inc will be offering a one week half-day workshop intensive for students to learn about contemporary musical theatre. It will take place from 9:30am to 1pm, June 27 through July 1, in Alexandria, VA. We will be exploring songs from shows that are currently on Broadway and the week will culminate in a cabaret style performance. Check out my website for more details and email me with any questions.

2. Signature Theatre’s Stage One is a two-week workshop for ages 14 to 17. Auditions are held in Arlington, VA on March 26th or by video submission. Taking place at this Tony award winning theatre, students are immersed in musical theatre for two weeks. Click here for more information!

3. Theatre Lab’s Summer Musical Theatre Institute produces two full-scale musicals each summer over a three-week experience. This summer, students ages 13 to 19 can audition for either or both Jesus Christ Superstar and Carousel. It’s a great opportunity for students to gain performance experience on a large production. Check out their website for more details.

4. High School Summer Musical Theatre Institute at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC offers rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to hone their musical theatre skills in a two-week residential program. Click here for more information!

If you’re looking to improve your musical theatre skill set this summer, there is absolutely a program in our local area that will fit your goals.

Did I miss any local programs that you would recommend to your friends interested in Broadway? Please comment and let me know if there’s another program I should add to my list and tell my students about. I’m always excited to learn more!

Summer Programs for the Broadway Bound Child

MVCCT Summer Camp 2014 (98 of 124)
Dear Edwina at MVCCT Summer Camp 2014. Photo: Laura Webster Marshall

It’s time to start thinking about summer programs and camps even though it’s only February. I have taught at summer programs all over the country and I’m confident that you can find a local program that is the right fit for your little star.

I’m focusing this post specifically on opportunities for kids in elementary school and early middle school in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Stay tuned later this week for information on programs for middle and high school students…

1. Mount Vernon Community Children’s Theatre (MVCCT) is a great place to foster your child’s creativity. I have taught at MVCCT for 3 years and the children in these camps have fun, learn, perform, and make friends! Classes are divided based on age (5 to 14) and there are 3 two-week sessions and 1 one-week session over the summer. There is also a spring break camp and specialized workshops on school holidays. Click here for more information.

2. Creative Cauldron offers theme-based camps for children ages 4 to 14. This summer, puppets, music, and storytelling will all be explored. Children will work on performance through improvisation, storytelling, music, and even composing! Visit here for more information.

3. Imagination Stage has great programming for young children interested in theatre starting at age 3. Located in Bethesda, your child can explore their dramatic side with a one or two week summer camp. Check out their website for more information.

4. Adventure Theatre MTC has summer camps for children that focus on musical theatre and culminate in a performance of a show that is age-appropriate. Check out their website for more information.

The DC Metro area has a plethora of opportunities for children interested in the performing arts. Spend some time seeing some local youth theatre this spring and see if your child longs for a moment in the spotlight!